About Google signals

SEO rankings are really important for all websites and there are many different ways to try to do this. Recently though. Google have announced that having an SSL certificate is one of the very best ways of doing this. However, SSL certificates cost money and they can vary and so it can be difficult to decide which one might be the best to get.

It is worth noting that this Google rule applies to all sites, whether they have personal information or not. So even if there is no ecommerce section or any sort of login section, an SSL certificate will still benefit the site.

With different types of SSL certificate costing different amounts of money, it can be rather confusing knowing which one to buy, especially if you are not really sure what an SSL certificate is. It is important to realise that an SSL certificate provides encryption of data on your site. This means that if your customers are using the site for transactions, they will feel safer knowing that their data is protected. Therefore you will need to think about having a much better SSL certificate than if you are just getting one for Google rankings when you actually have no personal data sent or received on the site. The amount of money that you pay will tend to increase if you have a certificate which provides better protection.

It is possible to have a basic protection of the entire domain, get a green bar showing on the browser which people using the site can see and will increase trust from users. It is also possible to protect individual pages. This would apply if you have an ecommerce site but only want your shop page to be protected.

If you are a small business with a website that you want to increase traffic on, then a basic certificate that would protect all sites on the domain could be enough to boost Google rankings. However, if you have a sales page, even if you are a small business then you will want to consider paying more money ad getting better encryption, perhaps just on that specific page. If you have multiple domains then you will need to either protect each one individually or consider buying a certificate that will provide cover for multiple domains. Depending on how many domains you have, this can provide better value for money. The other option is a wildcard certificate which will secure subdomains as well. Whether you need this will depend on the size of your website and whether you have subdomains on your website or not.

You may feel that if your website does not take customer data, that SSL certificate is not worth the money. However, it can be worth looking at your Google rankings, then investing in a certificate for a year to see what happens. If you have two domains you can buy a certificate for just one and then compare Google rankings over a year to see how they compare. With the Google rules on SSL only just coming in, it can be hard to compare accurately, but it may not be worth the risk of not investing in SSL.