Comodo is one of the largest certification centres. It has many different certificates which ensure safety for people using the Internet. They have a big range of safety solutions including SSL certificates. Their SSL certificates make sure that information passing from a browser to a server is encrypted to protect the data from hackers.

Comodo is a growing company with over 600 employees and they offer many types of online security including SSL certificates. Being well known it means that many people will have heard of them and will trust them. Therefore if they can see that your website is protected by Comodo, then they will feel safe in sharing their personal data with you.

Comodo understand that their different customers have different needs. This means that they not only provide a big range of different types of certification but they aim at different sized customers as well. This means that there are very simple and cheap certificates for those companies that need them with more complex and expensive options for larger companies with bigger needs. This means that although they are a big company, it does not mean that they expect their customers to be big. They have options for all sizes of customer.