RapidSSL provide certificates that will enable data sent between browser and server will be encrypted and therefore safe. By using RapidSSL certificates you will get a HTTPS protocol, a closed padlock icon as well as a static trust mark. These will be displayed on your website which means that your customers will easily be able to see, in a number of ways, that you are protecting their data. This is important if you wish customers to send information to you, especially bank details, although all personal information can be closely guarded. People are more likely to share this information with you if they feel that they can trust you. Showing that you will be encrypting their data is a big step in the trust process and for many customers it is enough to make them confident to buy from you.

RapidSSL certificates are competitively cheap. This means that compared to other certificate providers you may find that their process are the lowest, although it is always wise to check for yourself. This means that it is well worth considering them if they have the type of solution that you need. They do have a selection of certificates available so you will need to choose the one that is most appropriate for you.