Extended Validation SSL Builds Customer Trust

Extended Validation SSL certificates have been shown to improve customer trust in companies. It is a high level of certification and website owners have to complete paperwork and be carefully checked out before they are awarded it. This means that when it is awarded it means that customers know that they can be trusted and they are more likely to buy form companies that they trust.

To show that the website can be trusted, those with an EV SSL Certificate are able to display the closed padlock on their address bar which will also display the company name that has the SSL certificate. Customers can then check that this matches with the domain name or the site owner which will build up trust. They will also know that by having the closed padlock and the https web address that they can send personal data and know that it will be encrypted. This is important because it protects that customer from hacking. Most potential customers now know the problems that can arise if they send data online without making sure that they are properly protected against hackers. They will look for the signs that the site is encrypted and safe to use. This means that they will be more likely to trust a website that displays these signs.

If you rely on customers contacting you through your website or buying things through your site then it is so important that they trust you. There are many ways to build trust and having an SSL certificate is just one of these, but it is an important one. Without it, it is likely that very few customers will provide their personal data to you. The cost is also not that high considering what a big difference it can make to your website traffic and the amount of buyers you get as a result.