SSL Certificates are new Requirement by Google

Google have recently announced that they will give higher rankings to websites that have SSL certificates. This isn’t just ecommerce sites either but every site. This could make a big difference to many companies, especially those that get in quickly. If you are not listed very high, then quickly purchasing an SSL certificate could mean that you will jump up the listings, perhaps ahead of some of your biggest competitors. On the flip side, if you do not buy an SSL certificate, it could mean that you will slip low down in the rankings in Google and find that you lose out as a result.

Google is the most popular search engine and if you can get a high ranking then you are more likely to attract more visitors which will hopefully convert into more business for you. Some people ignore Google rankings as they do not like Google, but this can be a big mistake. Others pay to come high in Google rankings and although this can be a way to get high in the listings it can be expensive and some people using the search engines ignore the listings that have been paid for as they can be easily identified. Getting a free high listing can be the best way to attract traffic.

It is worth finding out what other things Google looks at when it decides on how highly it wants to rank you. Using Google Analytics on your website will help you to know whether your ranking improves once you apply these techniques. You can make changes to different things and see whether it improves your traffic or not. This will take time, but it could make a big difference to the amount of leads or sales that you generate and so it is well worth looking in to.