Multidomain SSL Certificates (UCC/SAN)

A Subject Alternate Name (SAN) or Unified Communication Certificate (UCC) is a special type of certificate for a specific purpose. They were made up for Microsoft Office communications Server and Exchange products. This means that with the one certificate you can secure common names or domain names which will include not only external domain names but also internal network names. This is useful in a workplace, for example where an intranet is being used to carry secure data.

The great thing about this type of certificate is that you can include lots of domain names just on the one certificate. This can save a lot of money compared to having each domain on the one certificate, which is what happens with a single domain one. These are then useful for businesses that run lots of different websites or that have a website which has multiple domain names.

Not only does this save money but it can also save time. You will just have to renew one certificate each year rather than having to renew multiple ones. You may have them all renewing at different times as well and so it could be difficult and time consuming to manage and you may even find that you accidently let them expire. This could be fatal for your business if your customer data is not protected and gets hacked in to as a result of this lapse in security.

With Google using SSL encryption as a basis for search engine position, having a certificate is really important if you rely on web traffic to bring you business. You could find that by getting a certificate for each of your domains, you see an immediate increase in traffic to your website. It could be the boost that your business needs. However, without certification, you could find that your traffic drops down and you lose business. This means that you really need to think hard about getting SSL certification and consider getting a multidomain one to save money if you have many web addresses.