Single Domain SSL Certificates

If you have only one website domain then getting a single domain SSL certificate could be the best option for you. These will just protect the one web address. This is an expensive way to buy certification if you have more than one website though as getting a multidomain one can be a lot cheaper if you calculate the cost per website. The more sites you have, the cheaper it is. Therefore, if you are planning new websites within the year, then it could be worth considering a multidomain certification.

The advantage in getting an SSL certificate is security. You potential customers will see that your site has been verified and is secure and that will encourage them to trust you. The level of security that you need from your certificate will depend on the information that you collect from your website. If you do not collect information, then just the most basic certification level will do, but if you collect customer information such as email addresses, or have an ecommerce website, then you will want more protection. You want to make sure that the customer data is protected from hacking and an SSL certificate will be able to provide that protection for you.

You may feel that there is no point in having an SSL certificate if you do not collect customer data. However, Google look at SSL certification when determining how high you come up in search engines. This means that you will come up higher if you have one. Therefore it can be well worth investing in a certificate for your website so that more people see it appear on Google and are more likely to visit it. A single domain SSL certificate is not that expensive each year and could make a big difference to website visitors. It could be worth investing in one and seeing what a difference it makes to your website traffic as well as your sales.

Buying a domain shoudn't be postponed, because the name you are interested in can be taken very quickly. It becomes impossible to buy a domain name if someone has already purchased such a name before you. Choose new domain name before proceeding with SSL certification. The domain purchase takes only a few minutes, but it will take an additional time for servers all over the world to begin to recognize your new domain.