Business Validation SSL Certificates

This is a popular type of SSL certificate for small businesses. It is a cheap option but will provide a degree of security. What happens with this certificate is when the Business Validation SSL certificate padlock is clicked within web browser information is displayed. The browser bar turns blue and the business owner and company listed are displayed. This allows users of the site to check whether it is a genuine site which belongs to the company that they expect. This will build up trust from potential customers as they will know that the website is a genuine one.

It will also add a SSL certificate to the site which could help with Google search engine ranking. Google are now using SSL certification as a basis for how high they list websites in search results and so by having one of these basic certification levels you will be giving your website a better chance of being listed higher with Google which is the most popular search engine. Google placement can be a key thing for attracting visitors to your site and getting more business and so it is very important.

The level of security provided by a business validation SSL certificate would not be enough if you have an ecommerce site or take customer information using logins or registration. However, it is still the most popular type of SSL certification. These certificates would secure just one domain or sub domain and are only for business customers. They would normally be issued within a couple of days, so are very quick to set up and just need email confirmation. They are not the cheapest possible option but are the most popular as most people wanting certification are businesses and many customers just need some reassurance and do not need the extra security provided by other, more expensive SSL certificates.