Domain Validation SSL Certificates

The domain validation certificate is available for businesses and individuals who want a low level of extra security on their website. It is extremely easy to set up, with just email confirmation and no necessary paperwork. You just have to reply to an email and the certificate will be generated for you.

What the domain validation SSL certificate does is verifies the person who registered the domain name to that domain. The verification is done using the WHOIS database and the certificate can simply be electronically applied to that domain. This increases confidence in visitors to the site as they know that the domain owner is the real person and that there is less chance of fraud on the site.

This is an affordable way to provide assurance to your customers for one domain. If you have more than one domain or sub domains then you may find that a more expensive product is more cost effective as some can cover multiple domains and although dearer could be cheaper than providing a single one for each domain that you own.

As well as providing customers with details of who owns the domain there is also a level of encryption with this certificate. This means that any customer information is much more difficult to be intercepted by hackers and so it is popular on sites where customers are invited to register or provide a login.

Any SSL certificate could also lead to you being listed higher on the Google search engine. Google has recently stated that it will give priority listings to websites that have an SSL certificate and so you could find that just by getting one, you attract more traffic to your site and therefore get more business as a result. It could be well worth the yearly investment if it means that you get a good return as a result.