Extended Validation (EV) SSL Certificates

Extended validation provides the most cover with regards to security. This means that customers will feel really safe if they know that this type of SSL certificate is associated with your website. With this type of certification the address bar will be green and most Internet users understand that this means the site is very secure. It does require a selection of documents to be sent to the certificate provider and so can take longer to set up that other types of SSL certificate.

This certificate is recommended for ecommerce sites as it provides a very secure link between the browser and the server and encrypts the data. This means that customers’ data will be a lot safer from the risks of hacking. These days, many online customers realise that they need to make sure that the site they are buying from is secure. They will automatically check the address line in the browser to make sure that it has a green bar before they go ahead with a transaction. Each browser will display the information differently but with this level of certification it is possible for some to display the name of the company that has paid for the certificate and this will allow customers to see, at a glance, that the site is secure.

An SSL certificate will also help companies in another way. Google has stated that if a site has an SSL certificate, it is more likely to come higher in search engines. This could mean that there is added advantage to having a certificate, in that you will be more likely to get visitors to your website. Hopefully this could translate into sales for the company. With the added advantage of better security on the site, which can also improve sales, the investment in a certificate could have a huge effect on profits.